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Welcome To

Where Recreation

Meets Restoration

Our Little History

We want our clients to feel awesome
and unique.

At Reflex, we are committed to offering premium ocean vests that are affordable without compromising on quality. Unlike our competitors, we prioritize integrity over inflated prices. Our founder's dedication and hard work have resulted in a reliable and effective product. 

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Our Products

The REFLEX Survivor

We want our clients to feel awesome
and unique.

Just as our own United States Military is dedicated to ensuring every person makes it home. We take the same attitude and mentality then reshape the future with state of the art design. This product known as The Survivor is specifically crafted to ensure dangerous falls or events that occur out on the open waters bring you home safely. Our product is the only vest on the market that is meant to protect your back and spine from fatal injuries, that may otherwise spark a conversation with Davy Jones himself. 

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